A Quick and Easy Way to Make a K-Drama Completion Status Table

Excel Mini-Tutorial


  1. Enter list of drama titles into column A.
  2. Enter list of number of episodes watched per drama into column B.
  3. Enter list of number of total episodes per drama into column C.
  4. To perform calculations with columns B and C, enter “=B1/C1” into the cell F1 or the function bar). The calculation for B1/C1 should appear in cell F1. Hover your mouse over the bottom right corner of cell F1 until the mouse icon turns into a cross. Drag the cross icon till you reach the bottom of the column. This should apply the function to all the entries in the column. 
  5. Select column B, right click the selected area, and choose “insert” from the context menu. A new column will appear.
  6. Select and copy column F1. Paste special “values” into the new column B.
  7. Select column B and click sort from largest to smallest. The sort dialog box will prompt you to expand your selection. Then sort by column B, largest to smallest.
  8. If you wish, you may change the decimals/mixed numbers into percentages. You can also adjust the number of decimal places shown.

Inserting a Table into WordPress

You can use Windows Live Writer, a free program, to create a table which you can post/paste into WordPress directly or by html source code. When pasting data from Excel into a table, make sure you choose “paste cells” or alternatively, highlight the table cells where you wish to import the Excel data. You can also create a table in MS Word to copy and paste into WordPress. This blog’s theme has unattractive HTML/CSS tables so I simply made a screen shot of the table I created in MS Word.


Excel for Dummies: How to Sort Excel 2010 Data on Multiple Columns

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