Hanja (Chinese Characters) in K-Variety Shows: 忍

Last updated: 1/13/13


From Running Man Ep. 126


From Happy Together Ep. 281


From Happy Together Ep. 281

Looking at these pictures brings to mind the IQ tests we had to take in elementary school. Based on these three pictures, I have no idea as to what this Chinese character might mean. From the first picture, one might infer that 忍 means determination, from the second, embarrassment, and from the third, constipation (lulz).

Luckily, there are plenty of online Chinese handwriting recognition tools. I drew this character on Mobilefish which converted my drawing into Chinese text, and searched for the definition on Naver.

It turns out that (in Korea at least) the primary definition of 忍 is endurance (as in gritting your teeth and bearing through whatever taxing situation you’re in). It generally involves the act of suppression or restraint and its meaning is closely related to patience.1

Korean Pronunciation: In (인)
Pinyin (사성음): Rěn
Radical (부수): 心
Strokes (획수): 7
Basic Definition: Endurance

Korean Pronunciation: Shim (심)
Pinyin: Xīn
Radical (부수 ): 心
Strokes (획수): 4
Basic Definition: Heart

An Example of a Korean Word with this Character

인내 (忍耐 )
Romanization: In-Nae
Basic Definition: Forbearance

An Example of a Chinese Idiom with this Character (고사성어)

忍之爲德 (인지위덕)
Romanization: In-Ji-Wi-Deok
Basic Definition: Patience builds character.

Chinese Characters Which Have 忍 as a Constituent

涊, 荵, 梕, 㸾, 䏰, 綛, 認, 躵

Stroke Order

忍 - 한자사전

Additional Images


From Happy Together Ep. 293: Jang Hyuk tries to hold in his chagrin when Lee Da Hae comments on his shaky chicken legs.


From WGM Ep. 154: Oh Yeon Seo tastes the extremely salty squid ink pizza that she made and suppresses the urge to spit it out in her efforts to pretend it’s delicious.


1 These translations are based on my personal impressions of the Korean text and are limited by my beginner Korean skills so there may be inaccuracies.



2 thoughts on “Hanja (Chinese Characters) in K-Variety Shows: 忍

  1. muchadoboutlove

    Thanks for highlighting this up! I do realize that the Hanja characters make their appearance once in a while but I don’t really bother to check their meanings. Glad to learn something new today :3


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