Compilation of Useful Photoshop Tutorials

How to Blur Backgrounds

How to Use the Clone Stamp Tool
“Clone” or replicate parts of your image.

1. Set the hardness to 0%.
2. Hold down Alt key and click the area of the image you wish to “clone,” then release the Alt key. This sets the source point.
3. “Paint” with the cloned pixels. Deselect the aligned option if you would rather paint with the clipboard source point than continuously clone the aligned source point.
4. Alt-click a new area to set a new source point.

How to Extract an Object from its Background

How to Use Fill Layers

How to Add a Gradient to an Image

An Introduction to Layer Masks
Use whenever erasing pixels, such as when using the gradient tool or blending/fading images.

How to Use the Lens Correction Filter
Fix distortion created by taking pictures too close to subjects.

How To Fix Overexposed Photos In Photoshop
Soften the lighting of overly bright areas created by flash.

How to Adjust White Balance (Color Correction)
Fix pictures that are too yellow or too blue.

Recommended Photoshop Tutorial Sites

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