The Offbeat, 4D Charms of Jung Joon Young


I finally got around to downloading the songs I liked from the repertoire covered on Superstar K4. Several of these songs were covered by Jung Joon Young, running the gamut from pop rock to classic rock: The Breeze’s How Do I Put This, Butterfly Effect’s First Love, YB’s Peppermint Candy, Deulgukhwa’s (Wild Chrysanthemum) This Space is My World, and Spring Summer Fall Winter’s Outsider. He also happened to be one of my favorite contestants, after the happy virus Yoo Seung Woo♥, and along with Kim Jung Hwan and Lee Ji Hye. Jung Joon Young and all the other colorful characters in SSK4 were what made this season (the audition process at least) so shizzling daebak.

He’s not a great singer, and I can’t help wincing when his voice cracks or goes out of tune, but I loves him because he cracks me up. He’s a crazy, contradictory mix of things: a poser, a player, an ulzzang, a dol+i, a vagabond, a rocker. While he’s hilarious when he’s plying on the grease, I find him the most refreshing when he’s sans filter or simply being himself.

So, here are 10 Reasons Why Jung Joon Young Rocks (pun unintended).

1. Smarmy expressions

smarmy 1

smarmy 2

2. Derp faces and bingu smiles


3. Jack Skellington synchronization 100%


4. Hobo synchronization 100%

hobo-sync web

5. Aegyo and dewy eyes


6. “Eccentric” fashion sense

A typical Jung Joon Young outfit: floppy hat + flowy jacket + cuffed chinos showing off his hairy shins + gladiators ㅋㅋ. Seriously, I will never stop finding it hilarious when guys wear gladiators or hippie headbands (*cough* GD *cough*).


7. Unfiltered comments

You’ll just have to take my word for it Cx

8. Narcissism and Camhoaring



He’s not just fixing his hair in this pic; I bet a hundred bucks he’s also rehearsing his serious expressions for when he has to stand in front of the judging panel.

9. Seriously scrunched up faces


10. The crazy glint in his eyes


Jung Joon Young’s Secret Double Life (lulz)

jung joon young 1st look





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