7 thoughts on “How to Edit and Remove Image Metadata

  1. Thomas

    Helpful short introduction into ExifToolGUI – Thanks a lot. One question remains to me: Where can I find a good XMP editor?

    1. Austin SEO Expert (@expertseoaustin)

      I was having the same problem. This worked:
      1) Close out the ExifToolGUI
      2) Right-click on ExifToolGUI icon
      3) Click “Run As Administrator”
      4) Click “Yes”

      Before I tried this, none of the main menu would open up for me, and I couldn’t edit the metadata for any files, but once I did the above, everything worked well.

      Also worth noting is that, for the ExifToolGUI to function, you’ll need to drag exiftool(-k) dot exe into the same folder that exiftoolgui dot exe is in, then rename exiftool(-k) dot exe to just exiftool dot exe. I didn’t see this mentioned above, but it was necessary for me to get it to work.
      I hope this is helpful! All the best.

  2. Blogreader

    Thanks a lot for the hint with the workspace.
    No idea, why – by default – not all fields are available to modify/delete.


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